Elon Musk sends his private car towards Mars

  • Tesla Car find it’s route towards Mars
  • This comes hours after a successful launch of Falcon Heavy

Elon Musk’s name has been sealed in history as the first man to take a private car into space. His cherry red Tesla Roadster driven by it’s dummy test pilot Starman overshot their planned trajectory were seen on a new course moving towards the asteroid belt on Wednesday.


This announcement from the billionaire was coming hours after the successful launch of Falcon Heavy on Tuesday. Falcon Heavy is the world’s most powerful space rocket. And the cool thing about it is that it is reusable. Although it did lose its center core, it is the largest to reach space since Saturn V launched by NASA in 1973. The ultimate goal however is to be able to carry heavy loads that ordinarily can’t be carried by smaller rockets such as Satellites or any other cargo. The Falcon Heavy was constructed from the core of three Falcon 9s and like the Falcon 9, a pair of cores landed on the Cape Canaveral coast while the other pair headed towards the Atlantic.

It is believed that the success of this launch will lead to an increase in public awareness and interest.

According to Musk, “It can do anything you want … it can launch things direct to Pluto or beyond, no stop needed, don’t even need gravity assist or anything,” he said. “Two or three Falcon Heavies would equal the payload of a Saturn V.”

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