The Sage Who Deceived Us

So we were thinking of a very cool story to tell you as a way of wishing you a happy new month of March. You know, something inspirational, funny and all that. We thought for a very long time, yet nothing came up, and it was almost getting to the end of the first day of March. Immediately we discovered that we were running out of time, we decided to slow down time till we figured out what story to tell you. We sent an email to an old Indian sage asking him for the mystical words that when spoken could delay time, and in exchange for his help, we would give him the ancient recipe for preparing Nigerian Jollof. It was a gamble and we didn’t know if it would work. Ten minutes later, we got a response. Not only had he given us the magical words for slowing down time, he also give us the secret words that could make us go back in time. According to him, “I have heard so much about Nigerian Jollof that I couldn’t pass over the opportunity to have the recipe. Thank you Yolar for giving me this rare gift.”


We quickly said the words and instead of it slowing down time, it fast forwarded time. The sage had deceived us! By this time, we were panicking. What story do we tell our amazing subscribers, members and followers? We sent the sage an email asking him why he had deceived us, and he replied with a tormenting image of a sizzling jollof rice with huge chunks of chicken dancing on the plate and an apple juice by the side. “Tell your people,” he wrote beneath the picture, “that their month will be as delicious as this food. Tell them that huge chunks of favour will forever dance on the plates of their plates of their lives. Remind that that life isn’t all about struggles, they need to sometimes travel, live and sip some apple juice. One more thing, sometimes, you don’t need do ‘big things’ like slow down time before you can tell the most amazing story. Sometimes, all you need to do is just tell it as it is, and amazing things will come.


With those words said, we decided to tell the story as it is.


Happy New Month Family! Sit tight as Yolar takes you this month through the best of travel, food, culture, life and lifestyle.


We love you!

Sincerely, thank you for reading.

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