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Mont Saint-Michel covers the Novemver 2017 issue of Yolar Magazine, photographed by Jacqueline Macou

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Inside Yolar Magazine, you’ll gain strategic insights and info to give you an edge in life and business. Information on the people, ideas, technologies and stories changing the world. Exceptional access to the budget travel guides to world’s topical and excitingl destinations.


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Every month we bring you incredible stories about the world’s most exciting destinations and new experiences, written by award-winning journalists and packed with stunning photography. You’ll be taken on a journey through the beautiful countries, with highly atmospheric features transporting you to spectacular landscapes and allowing local people to reveal their culture, history, food, drink and the natural wonders that surround them. And it’s all backed up by the unbiased, insider recommendations that Lonely Planet is so renowned for.

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Untold Stories

Exclusive deep-study research content with data analysis by our team of writers including experience-only articles written by experts in Fashion, Travel, Culture, Art & Design, Food and Business.

Yolar Explore

We bring you custom-made trip recommendations around the world with cutting-edge price deals. Yolar Explore is your passport to a world of possibilities and discoveries.

Travel Tales

The Hub for original stories from the road, told by travelers from across the world, and Africa in particular. Stories that inspire, educate, and thrill - all told from the heart.


Gain access into the minds of the people you admire. It's kinda like having the voice your a mentor in your pocket. We call it Mentor-In-Your-Pocket. And yes, our interviews are exclusive.


Get access to thousands of Yolar community members (Yolar Tribe). As a y-triber, you get exclusive access to our events, programs, and private travel tours around the world.

Budget Travel

Topical and exciting destination features with stunning photography and in-depth guides on how to make it happen. For the solo travelers, we bring you step-by-step guide to traveling on a budget to your desired destination.

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