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Why Paris Is The World’s Most Romantic City – The City Of Love!

I have often wondered what it would feel like to love and be loved by a French man.  For a man like that to call me ‘mon amour’, flirt with me unrelentingly, write me poems, bring me breakfast in bed and take me to the movies. I wonder what it would feel like for a man like that to talk to me about art and architecture, about bread – French bread – and everything I could do with it.


So when we landed at the airport in Maiduguri, and I saw what I believe to be a fighter jet as well as dozens of military men armed to their teeth with the kind of guns I only see in Hollywood movies, I said to myself, ‘this is indeed a war zone.’ It didn’t matter to me that General Gowon had been on the same flight with us, and the heavy security was there for him. All I could see at that moment was danger. The beautiful feeling I had that we were about sharing a powerful message to a town ravaged by terrorists was slowly giving way to a different thought – fear.