Are you looking to write for Yolar Magazine? You're in the right place. Before we get you started on your journey to expression, we'll like show you around and introduce you to a handful of things we believe will make your contribution to our amazing community a success.

We believe that stories are at the core of our human existence and experience. They have the power to create and to transform. At Yolar, we share stories, strategies, guides and information that transform people and society.

You have the wisdom, expertise, and experiences to share. We provide you with the platform and voice to spread it.

Our guidelines

What's your story?

So what kind of content makes it on our magazine? First, We love stories! Also, how-to’s, ultimate guides, and thought-provoking articles around travel and lifestyle makes our heart beat faster. Of course when we talk about lifestyle, we mean food, culture, fashion, arts, crafts, designs, business, love, faith and everyday activities. Did we mention travel? Oh yes!

Our stories have to meet three qualities:

* Is it true?
* Is it helpful?
* Is this the best way to say it?

Once you have all that checked, then we are almost good to go! All that will remain is the final approval.

The recommended word-count for the article is between 900 and 1500 words.

The article must contain a title and several subtitles (where necessary).

The article must have at least one featured picture and 1 picture in the body.

All pictures need to have a description and a source.

All references should have links.

Write a short bio about yourself and link your websites.

What we're looking for and what we offer

At Yolar, we aim to deliver compelling stories, insightful perspectives, practical actions, and uplifting messages to our readers. We pay for selected articles to be published on our Monthly/Quarterly Digital Issues. Download our Writer’s Guide for more information. Although our Guest Writer/Contributor position on’s online content is not paid, many of our Contributors have found success in their writing career through the exposure and experience we offer. We will do our best to amplify your voice and work to thousands of our readers via our social media channels and/or Catch Up e-newsletter. Select authors will also receive invitations to be published on our digital magazines, to speak on our podcast, or to join our network of leaders, as well as the opportunity to reserve free ad space or shout outs in our periodic partner roundups. Click here to download the Yolar Writer’s Guide for everything you need to know before writing for Yolar. It also includes our Terms and Conditions. Once you apply to become a Contributor, we assume you’ve agreed to it. We can’t wait to have you on-board. Cheers!