Dike Chukwumerije set to end his MadeInNigeria tour this October with a bang! 

Having Debuted his MadeInNigeria Spoken Word Show on the first of October, 2016, Dike is set to officially end the tour of a show that leaves you spell-bound; a show many have referred to as “an experience of a lifetime.”


In the words of Dike, “In April 2017, I thought I would do a one-day show, that I would call it NSW7, and it would start and end on the 1st of Oct 2016. Instead, I did a three-day show, called MADE IN NIGERIA, and went on a road trip with a group of talented people, taking art and laughter to wherever these rickety buses would take us. We travelled by day and night, on good roads and bad ones, with funny drivers and troublesome ones. But we got to every destination we set out to go to. And left good memories in the minds of everyone who watched us. In that time, we became…well, maybe, not quite friends…but definitely we are no longer strangers. Sometimes, this – going from strangers to no longer strangers – is all the empathy the world needs. This is what we do with MADE IN NIGERIA, sow empathy everywhere we go. Keep walking.

“Everywhere we have gone with the Show, we have seen deep responses to it. People laugh. People cry. People cry out in excitement. They wait around after the Show, as if they are reluctant to leave. 

“And through it all, I have learned that it is more profitable to speak to the heart, particularly in a very heated debate, than to try and speak to the head because most people approach issues with closed minds. They have ideological and intellectual positions which they are prepared to doggedly defend to the end, no matter the credibility of the evidence adduced in counter. 

“But when you tell a story, that allows the listener to become the character he or she despises, to walk in their shoes, and see the world through their eyes; when you recite a poem that transforms a historical incident from something you read in a newspaper to a living breathing human story with flesh and blood; when you give faces to victims and names to the forgotten; then you suddenly find the room totally silent. And, in that moment, you know that, finally, people are really and truly listening. This has been the magic and impact of MADE IN NIGERIA.”
So on the 1st and 2nd of October, 2017, at Merit House, Maitama, Abuja, Dike plans to end the tour with a bang! 

Time is 6pm for both days, and ticket is just N5,000.
You can click here to get your ticket.  You can also get it at Name It Media Store, 3rd Floor, Silverbird OR at Salamander Cafe Wuse 2 or at the door of the event venue on the day

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