I wonder what is left of our world today,

That even we the dwellers can’t seem to get our compass,

Neither can we strengthen nor stretch through the length and breadth of our very own, most populous black nation,


Looking up and down

Pacing around the same large expanse of land, with foot prints of heroes gone,

Within me deep calleth to deep,

Like the clouds calleth to the water beneath,

I reached to one of the billions of vapourozing thoughts,

I pondered on what the cause could be,


Could this changes that as so clouded the horizons of our mind,

Be as a result of global warming,

Climate change,


The fading away of cat faces and sea beauty,

I couldn’t but take a pause to consider,

What was refashioned?

What was altered?

What word exactly, at what point exactly, did this difference occur,

Questions inexhaustible gushing through the fountains of my mind,


What was the countenance of the morning when men like Nnamdi Azikiwe, woke up to the reality of freedom,

How did the moon smile at night, that vested men like Obafemi Awolowo with so much hope?

When was there a consensus for togetherness , that men like Tafawa Balewa, M.K.O Abiola and other men of valour, from entirely different, religion,  ethnicity, background and location, caught the inspiration, of a sole aim to unite,

I indeed wonder if we have lost the Marvel Era of Supermen and Justice League,


No doubt they were heroes, but not without zero faults,

But like the great Mandela, they were Man dealers,

Each one, teach one

Advocate for all together for one,


What they fought for, now looks to us like a trophy that never existed,

A democracy, now like a demo with a crazy effect,

Hmmm, nothing really changed,

They were mere men, so we are,

They had a generation of generals, so do we,

Not Angels but Men with flaws, so are we,


Just like Walt disney, Wright brothers,

They had a great imagination that birth a great vision,

A picture for the future

And a mision for generation yet unseen to take up,

They were timed, they knew it,

So they strived, to achieve it.


There output was determined by their input,

There progressive movement, was upheld by there optimistic judgement,

What indeed made the difference was there mind,

But now it is – The Kaizen Effect in the reverse.



Written by David Olukitibi

Sincerely, thank you for reading.

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