Anticipation as Abuja The Musical comes to town!

Our team visited the Krump Studios Abuja where we met rehearsals going on for the upcoming Abuja The Musical, the first of its kind in Abuja. Jemima Angulu, the CEO of Krump Studios and the creative director of Abuja the Musical received us very warmly despite her very busy schedule and we had the following conversation about the highly anticipated show happening on the 16th and 17th of December at Merit House Maitama.


Who’s behind Abuja the musical?

Abuja the musical is a production by Krump Studios, it’s written and directed by Jemima Angulu.


Why Abuja the musical? What inspired it?

Abuja the musical was inspired by my need to do something that will develop the society in which in live in. I think that performing arts and entertainment plays a huge role in branding any city because it is what they are perceived as that people would work with in the city and I’ve seen it done in many places and in many cities that we know in the world and I thought that it would our opportunity to make sure that Abuja grows and that is why it’s ‘Abuja the Musical’, I wouldn’t have chosen any other name. It focuses on the city itself – the uniqueness of the city, the stories of the city and the lifestyle of the people.



I believe there a lot of these things going on in different parts of the world, and possibly even in Abuja. What makes Abuja the Musical Unique? Why should people come?

People should come because we are going to be telling their stories. We are telling stories connected to the city in a way that it’s not one person’s story but the story of the city itself, its history, people, lifestyle, the way we live. We want when people think of Abuja to think much more about it. It’s going to be unique because first of all, it’s a musical and we don’t have a musical about Abuja in the city of Abuja. It’s an exciting piece. We’ve been so creative in the process. Even the songs that are coming through, the producer is doing such a good job. It’s been inspiring even the crew. There’s so much talent that we didn’t know we had in Abuja that people are going to see. I’m excited to showcase Abuja’s talents in a way that would benefit the city itself.


So people are coming to see talents on raw display

Yes, people are coming to see talents on raw display. They are coming to see creativity, they are coming to be excited. They are also coming to learn something about the city.



It is educating as well as entertaining

It is entertaining and it is educational in a very creative way.


So what are we expecting to see? Dance, poetry… or is it just songs?

No, this is musical theatre. So in music theatre we have performance that do all three at once. So you’re going to see dancers that sing and act, singers that dance and act, and actors that sing and dance. So, they’re doing most of it at the same time. It’s a story that binds all of them. So it’s not one performance. The whole show is the performance.


Why did you choose December? Is there something peculiar about the month?

It’s the season to be merry. We want people to be happy. We want to create something that they can be proud of during this season and so we chose the festive season because we thought it was the right moment to connect with the habitants of Abuja.


On the flier, I noticed Dike Chukwumerije would be having a special appearance

Oh yes. He’s an important part of Abuja. He’s a product of Abuja and we’re so proud of him and we want to let the world know that he’s a product of Abuja.


Thank you so much, and we look forward to an Amazing show


Sincerely, thank you for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Anticipation as Abuja The Musical comes to town!

  1. Jemima’s answer is the best — the trifecta of performance art: act, sing, dance. I’m neither of the three professionally, but I consciously participate in them (in any order) any chance I get, and each time I do, it’s always exhilarating, the feeling.

    1. But you can attest to it that it is fun, despite the energy it demands. I’m quite sure it will be nothing should you be any two – dancer, singer or actor. Keep at it! You will get better

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