You Can Start Here!

A tourist visited an Africa nation and while passing through a particular village, he didn’t see anything that was of interest to him, so he went to a wise man and asked, “Can you tell me one outstanding thing about this village?”
The wise man thought for a while, and said, “you can start from here, and you can get to anywhere in the world.”

The most important day in your life is the day you were born, and the 2nd most important day, is the day you discover why. And I would add: the day you make the conscious decision to start living. Because, my friend, this thing called life, is not complicated at all. Forget what everyone wants you to believe; it is not the frown on your face when you wake up and discover that it’s Monday, and it is not the excitement you feel when you exclaim, “Thank God it’s finally Friday”. It is not that angry look your boss gave you sometime ago, and it’s definitely not the transferred aggression your poor kids ate last evening as dinner; believe me my friend, life is not complicated like that.

Life is all about the beautiful moments – the ones with our family, and that evening outings with the boys; it is that surge of adrenaline when you’re excited about that new project you’ve always dreamt of doing; yes! Life is really about the day we actually decide to start living.

Happy new week. Remember, you can start here, and you can reach out to anything!

Yolar cares.

Sincerely, thank you for reading.

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