THE TRAVAILS OF A YOUNG GIRL: 14 year old girl raped to death

Rape cases abound and we are not new to it. More than often we study the course of event and apportion blame to one of the parties (one within which lies the power to prevent the occurrence). To be realistic for a moment, we all differ in strength and it can be justified when a lady is blamed for dressing seductively, arousing the man without giving him a chance to be with her.

He has simply responded to his hormones and that is natural.

That does not imply that the man has no role to play in curtailing this madness of rape. There is a word for it: SELF-CONTROL. Both parties can very much play their roles well and there won’t be a cause for the game of blames.

What could possibly be the crime of Obiamaka Ngozichukwu Orakwe, the 14 year old who has been sent back to her maker?  She had done the right thing, what every mother would have expected her daughter to do. Do we now say yes to avoid being forcefully taken and our lives cut short in the process?

Did you know that some loons blame the poor girl and applaud the rapists? That is how terrible and cruel the society has been to the female folks.

Her hopes have been dashed and her aspirations have been made a thing of mockery. No privilege of growing with her mates and her future has slowly become a mirage, an imagination her parents alone could try to mould.

She said no because she knew it was not right. She knew she deserved a better future, not one to be marred by unwanted pregnancy.

The perpetrators remain at large. So when do we teach the guys that ‘NO’ is a word to listen to and respect? When do we teach them to practice self-control?

Obiamaka’s only crime was saying NO!

Is the woman still safe?


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