One Thing You Must Never Miss When Next You Visit Port Harcourt City

You will not understand this until you have just had a taste of roasted plantain, yam and fish (popularly known as bole). Not the one in Benin or Abuja.

Spread over the charcoal fire on a wire mesh, they tend to call you by your name when you walk past them. The tuber of yam is cut into smaller sizes before placed over the fire and the plantain insists on sitting without a knife through it save being peeled. The fish is tempting as the oil coating it makes a sizzling noise as it drips into the fire thereby raising smoke that chases you away yet draws you nigh.

It becomes a beautiful sight after the fire process.

One beautiful thing about it is how the women crush the food in their palms into a plate, like their hands were made from fire. The sauce is incredible! It sits in a pot resting by the side of the mesh, made with finely ground pepper and onion in palm oil.

It is of great importance to note that the fish is subjected to a coating of a different sauce before it rests over the fire. The sauce is absorbed down to the bone. This gives the fish that great taste!

If you are not a great fan of unripe plantain, ripe plantain is ever-willing to satisfy your hunger for sweet things.

Hey, do you want to have an uninterrupted nap? Devour your bole with a bottle of chilled Coke. You are perfectly normal if you find yourself at the bole stand the next day. Visit the doctor if you don’t go back within two days.

Are you visiting Port Harcourt and you want to have the feeling? Then get yourself to Elekahia. Thank me later!


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