The Base – Best Event Centre in Enugu?

The first thing that came to my mind when I visited The Base was ‘Wow! So there’s a place like this in Enugu?’

My relative had taken me there with his family on a Sunday just after church service, and though the place wasn’t as busy as it probably would have been should it be a week day, yet, a lot was still going on.

While driving into The Base, the first thing you’ll observe is how spacious it is. It was a big parking lot, and an aura that whispers, ‘peace’. The first thing you’ll see is a beautifully sculptured water fountain, a large outdoor event space and about two buildings. The colours of blue and green give the environment a welcoming and serene feel.

This is probably the thing that got me fascinated about The Base. The wide array of facilities there makes it the perfect spot for events, relaxation, hangouts, family time as well corporate meetings. Here are some of the facilities:

A Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is located just behind the main event hall. It is beautiful with lots of flower pots and there are tables for those that just want to sit down and watch others swim. The water is super clean, and with the pool having a moderate depth, it’s perfect for kids as well.

Event Hall
The Base houses a huge event hall that can arguably hold over a thousand people. It has a huge LED screen on the stage which is perfect for award ceremonies other events that require a visual aid. The lighting system is also amazing with lots of stage lights. There are speakers hanging from the ceiling as well as located at strategic positions in the room to give your occasion the perfect sound. The hall also has a balcony that could contain about 200 people. The seats look very comfortable and the hall is rugged as well.

There are few event halls as perfect as the one found in The Base. It comes highly recommended for your next event.

Outdoor Event Space
This is one of the first things you’ll notice when you enter The Base. The ground is covered with a green synthetic grass carpet that really feels soft on the feet.

The stage is very wide with small rooms beside the stage for the technicals like sound and light, and they can also be used as the backstage. The space can comfortably sit about 500 people.

Meeting Room
For the corporate world, The Base has got you covered. This meeting room is perfect for small and even large meetings. It can comfortably hold 90 persons but flexible enough to hold a lower number of people without the room having an empty feel.

This room is also perfect for trainings, small sized conferences and corporate get-ways. Its well ventilated with glass doors and windows and about six air-conditioners.

Fast-Food Restaurant
If burger, chips, meatpie, ice cream, pizza, and other forms and shapes of snacks is your thing, The Base has got you covered. We ordered for a Pizza at Duo Pizzeria, a Pizza spot within The Base, and in a few minutes, our Pizza was ready. If you want a quick bite, you’re in the right place.

An African Restaurant
So let’s assume eating burger and chips ain’t your thing. Let’s say eating fufu and egusi soup gets you kicking. The Base thought about you too and created a restaurant just for you. Amazing, right?

Other Facilities
The Base has a coffee shop, winery, laundry room, boutique, a spa and an executive lounge.

Just in case you’re wondering where you can find this place. It’s located at The Base Landmarks, 7/8 Aguleri Street, Independence Layout, Enugu, Nigeria. This part of the city is very quiet and serene. It’s also very easy to find. It’s about 10mins drive from Polo Mall.

What I love about The Base
I love the ambience and the fact that it has most things you need to relax. The kids are not left out as well, there’s a space to kiddies events like birthday parties.

What I dislike about The Base
I had to think about this for a while and still couldn’t come up with something to dislike. However, due to the class of the facility, it may not be the most affordable space for everyone.

Have you been to The Base before? Would you consider visiting there? Let’s know what you think in the comment section.

Sincerely, thank you for reading.

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