3 things to do in Nsukka

Nsukka is popularly known as the town where the great University of Nigeria Nsukka – the first indigenous university in Nigeria – is situated. It has a population of over 500,000 people and an area of 1,810km2.

Here are our top 5 things to do in Nsukka.

Hike up Vet Mountain
Vet Mountain is located within the University campus. It takes about 10-15mins to complete the hike with a view at the summit that shows you the aerial view of UNN as well as an amazing vegetation. The mountain is perfect for picnics, games and other fun related events.

Visit the University Zoo
Known as the Zoological Garden under the management of the Department of Zoology and Environmental Biology. It has quite an interesting number of animals like aligators, monkeys, a tortoise and others. It also has playgrounds for kids. The zoological garden is perfect for picnics and fun related events

Drive around the town at night
Thanks to the new government in the state, what used to be known as a dusty town has now been replaced with good roads and solar powered street lights. Driving around the town is beautiful.

Which of these will you do on your next visit.

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