Interview with Chike Emenbo: Art is Life

About Myself

My name is Chike Emenbo, I read Fine and applied arts from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. My work basically deals with Christian arts which I use to strengthen people’s faith and breakdown with two dimensional realities.


As far as I can remember, just before I entered the university, I’m came from a science background but needed to take an art subject to complete my subject number, thereafter, I found myself studying fine art in the higher institution. So, my original painting started from higher institution.



My source of Inspiration

For me art is my life, I look around and I see works and I get inspired. Also the work of other artists gives me inspiration. Sometimes too, listening to messages and also studying the bible gives me ideas.


Right now, I do a lot on faith, my drawings are tailored around faith, also angels I try to depict their nature and identify them through my drawings


We try to expose people to the world of art, expose them to the venues and show them uncommon piece of art new to them in inspirational and diverse ways, from renowned artist with well published works. In the past, a customer through buying artwork has been inspired to move from just collecting artwork to actually developing them. He’s now an artist on a good part.


My Style

It is representational, not abstract, I deal with human forms, predominantly oil on canvas. Sometimes I do charcoal and sculpture. You can call my style realism or representational.


Art in Nigeria

It is still growing, we have galleries that have grown in just few years with branches in Abuja and Lagos too. There’s still much to be done, additionally we create secondary market for others too, thereby creating a wide chain. Art in Nigeria is growing exponentially more like a quantum leap. The awareness of art is high and there is a huge focus in Africa, and south African and Nigeria are taking the front row, we have artist featured abroad and some governors like Lagos states are commandeering it with lots of expos and projects going on. So, the future is very great. Personally, I and some artist are on a tour, we’ve been in Missouri, we are in waffles dunes center.


The next exhibition is coming up on the 6th of November, the first one started on the 5th of October and ran for about 20 days, we moved to the dune center on 23rd, hoping to stay for 10 days. We’ll be rounding up in the last location at charcoal.


Art is pretty much open, the thirst and hunger for it is quite insatiable. First of all belief in self, find a way to get a teacher to learn from, know the basics and you should be good to go


My pricing

They come in range with no fixed price, it’s affordable among economic groups and can be tailored to individual pocket and desire.


My contact

I have a gallery in Apo, Ahmed, Yayale Estate apo,

@chikeositaemenbo(Facebook) @chikeemenbolivingart(Instagram)



My advice to younger artists

I started art since 2003, and been sailing high and good


Don’t be afraid, don’t be discouraged by great works by extraordinary artist, develop yourself and practice consistency. Pay attention to business side of art, pay attention to established artist.

Sincerely, thank you for reading.

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