Quatuor A’dam stun the crowd at the French Institute’s A Capella Quartet Performance

It was a WOW moment for the audience, listening to the Quatuor A’dam at the A Capella Quartet Performance hosted by the French Institute. The band watered the stage with two spirituals and got the audience relaxed, thrilled and in want of more.

Earlier at the Press Conference, the French Institute noted its aim of creating a bond between both cultures (Nigerian and French). Students from Premiere Academy graced the stage with the band and performed a song titled ‘Le Poisson’ (Fish). Capital Science students did wonderfully well with the band and got the crowd smiling with their song ‘Cricket’.

No doubt, the Institute had the perfect band for the night. The hall was filled with laughter as the band traveled through the French 60’s and 70’s, touching America, going spiritual and lifting up hearts with pop. Maria, Cecilia, Marylou and Cathy are not just women, but song titles that got the audience roaring with laughter.

The Quatuor A’dam had their first show in Amsterdam in 2012. The band is made of one awesome bass, two terrific baritones and a stunning tenor. After the concert, the band had some time with Yolar and spoke of their little time in the country.

Yolar:    What inspired you the idea of choosing Nigeria for your concert this time?

Pierre:  In fact, we didn’t choose. We were invited by the French Institute.

Yolar:    So how do you feel? Was it below your expectation?

Pierre:  No, No. It’s the first time in Africa for the four of us and so we didn’t know exactly what to expect. And we had great meetings with the French Institute and also with the schools which we worked with the children. It was a nice experience.

Yolar:    And what was your experience since they are Nigerians?

Pierre:  Yes they are Nigerians. We went to two schools – Capital Science and Premiere Academy – to work on two songs with the schools. And they came on stage tonight with us to sing.

Yolar:    Are you looking forward to coming back to Nigeria?

Pierre:  Yes. Of course, because we were here to work so we didn’t have time to enjoy the country. We saw quite a lot of Abuja and there’s so much to see in this country.

Yolar:    What inspired the choice of the name of the band (Quatuor A’dam)?

Pierre:  It’s because we did our studies in Amsterdam. So, “A’dam” stands for Amsterdam while Quatuor means Quartet.

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