30 must-see places in the world

Are you a tourist or are you planning a vacation? It’s best to admire the beauty of our world, it’s fulfilling. For me, I love nature’s beauty but I also commend man-made works. Do not be left out in drowning in such magnificent eloquence.

Let the pictures speak!

Zhangye Danxia Landform, Gansu, China


Salar de Uyuni (One of the World’s Largest Mirrors), Bolivia


Santorini Island, Greece


Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan


Machu Picchu, Peru


Cave in Algarve, Portugal


Pamukkale, Turkey


Rice Terrace Fields, Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam


Hang Son Doong, Vietnam


Venice, Italy


Plitvice Lakes, Croatia


Navagio Bay, Greece


Victoria Fallls, Zambia/Zimbabwe


Bora Bora, French Polynesia


Batu Caves, Malaysia


Antelope Canyon, USA


Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil


McWay Falls, USA


Mount Roraima, Venezuela/Brazil/Guyana


Geiranger Fjord, Norway


Tulip Fields, Netherlands


Lenҫóis Maranhenses, Brazil


Halong Bay, Vietnam


Yosemite Valley, USA


Boracay, Philippines


The Great Barrier Reef and Whitehaven Beach, Queensland, Australia


Bagan, Myanmar


Lake Bled, Slovenia


The Great Blue Hole, Belize


Ashikaga Flower Park, Japan


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