How to Make a Lasting Impression on your first date

No matter the kind of date it is, we always want to make a good impression. Here are some things to do to make a long-lasting impression on a first date.


1. It’s not stalking, check them out.

You can do this using any of the social media apps. This will give you at least an insight into their personality.


2. Dressing? How?

Dress clean (including your hands and nails) and nicely depending on the date and purpose. Moderation is key. You wouldn’t want to create the wrong impression. A little investment on a cologne wouldn’t be out of place.


3. Compliment!

This can be a bit tricky, so, you have to pay attention to the implication of the words you use. Compliments like ‘You look good/gorgeous/ handsome’ are acceptable. Many first dates have been ruined by bad compliments. Never say “you look sexy/ravishing/ I feel like eating you up” (Really?) because it implies different things to different people, and playing safe is bae!


4. Small talk is great.

Start with general but non-controversial topics; asking how their day went is a great way to start. Ask intelligent and important questions. Avoid arguments or any topic that will make you emotional. Reply to questions without being over-familiar. You may want to keep some details to yourself, indulging your most intimate and private details on the first date are a no-no!

Smile, maintain eye contact, both portray you as being confident. Put your phones aside; it is very rude to operate your phones during a date!


5. Food. Oh, I know this one!

You must not eat on your first date! A drink is most advised (drink responsibly). Always eat before going on a date even if it’s a dinner or lunch date. When the menu appears, go for moderately priced and familiar food. It is no time to sample a new dish or have an expensive taste. Observe table manners.

It is always better to use a restaurant you are familiar with their menu and prices— you can always check those out before suggesting a date— because it helps you to plan ahead.

Low on cash? Give your date a clue of what you can afford without selling out your status by making suggestions such as:

‘I know a great pizza place, would mind a date there?’

‘A and C makes the best pies and cakes in town, a small chat over meat pies and juice won’t be bad, what do you think?


6. Keep your hands to yourself unless of course, you both agree to. Don’t ogle at your dates or other people around (some men are fond of this), it’s totally unacceptable.


7. Sex? Oh! I love this one!

It’s always safe not to have sex on the first date, but if there’s a chance of it happening, keep protection handy (come on! It’s the first date, don’t risk your life yet!). Tidying the area down there cannot be overemphasized, clean undies too.


8. After bye-bye?

It’s only polite to thank and check on your date after to ensure they are safe. Not bothering at all, no matter how not-doing-it-again it was to you, is rude. You can always cut ties politely with the person after, but before then, find out.

Sincerely, thank you for reading.

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  1. Thanks. This was totally informative.
    Have you been had this experience first hand, a blind date?
    You don’t have to answer.

  2. Also, you said ‘lasting impression’ as part of the topic. Do you think for sure you will be remembered if you follow these steps?

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