Finding God’s Will

I searched and searched in strenuous thoughts of what I hoped was God’s will

From the little words of my lips

To the lofty works of my hands

To the many thoughts of my mind

To the recondite decisions of my heart

What was God’s will my soul desperately yearned?

But in the life of his words did I find my oasis .


I found God’s will

In my sincere rejoinder to the little voice that always asked

“What will Jesus do?”


I found God’s will

In the freshly baked bricks

The building stones in my rock bottom;

My rebuilding site after so much brokenness.


I found God’s will

In the askew pieces of my life

Mended and threaded

To a perfect piece;

A stunning reflection of a god.


I found God’s will

In lines that fell in pleasant places on my path;

His will lay in the beautiful pastures He brought me into

While I laid in plain fields.


I found God’s will in the still small voice that led the way;

In times of decision,

In times of confusion

Even in still moments.


I found God’s will in that strength:

Embracing me in times unbearable

My sustenance in phases of weariness.


I found God’s will in that door that stands shut;

Firmly shut

Defying all odds of my efforts

Because there is a better plan.


I found God’s will in that wind of peace

That has led me to still waters,

That has kept my soul and stilled my fears;

Constantly restoring my being.


I found God’s will everywhere;

Everywhere you always thought He would be

Everywhere you wanted to deny He would be

His will was perfect; very perfect

It was the right dose for the- past, present and future.


I found God’s will because I had found God

He abides in all places, even in the hollow parts of my heart

Sometimes speaking,

Sometimes listening,

Sometimes working,

But at all times, always there.


written by: Mary-Ann Ediawe

Sincerely, thank you for reading.

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