I tell you, nothing is more beautiful than a soul at rest. This is true. For this was what Ifeoma decided when the clock ticked slowly till it rested firmly at 12.00am. As the fireworks tore the dark skies into beautiful shreds of colour, she felt her neck dig further into her pillow as her lips curved into a smile.

For this year, she would not impress. No. She was through with the headache of 2018. Why would she renew her office rent that took her into great debts when she could do everything from her home and on her mobile phone. For she remembered, and it’s true, nobody really cares. Why would she keep walking the heels when she feels like a queen on her sneakers. No. She would not let anyone dictate to her what it means to be beautiful. She would wear her crown with so much grace and poise that the kings of the earth will beg to sit at her presence.

And as she turned her body on her bed, feeling the scent of her new bedsheet, she promised herself that in this year 2019, she would express herself, wholly, totally, completely. She’ll dance to the tunes of her dreams. She’ll grab her passions by the shirt and wear them like an ornament. She’ll dream. She’ll achieve. She’ll become.

She’ll dance like she won a lottery, for this gift called life, is better than a winning a million lotteries. She’ll laugh like she has no care in this world. And when the tears come, she’ll cry them with no shame. But she determined, that she won’t let temporary tears of pain erase her joy.

She’ll travel. For this world is too big, too beautiful, too amazing to be choked in one little corner. That this book called earth is too good a book it must be read in its entirety, and not just one tiny paragraph.

So she’ll make demands. For what we get in life is what we demand for. So when she sets new goals, she’ll pursue them with everything in her.

And when she kneels, the kingdom of darkness will shudder. Yes, her mere waking up in the morning will throw the devil into confusion. For she will be a walking fire burning for her God and for His Kingdom.

So she smiled, turned to her side, closed her eyes, slept and dreamt.

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