7 new ways to enjoy your eggs

Eggs are undoubtedly loaded with proteins, minerals and vitamins. They are healthy and loved by many. Other than boiling, frying and using them for baking, eggs make a handful of recipes. Have fun exploring these new egg dishes

  1. Omelet (also known as Omelette): Similar to the frying method, new ingredients introduced to the eggs make it thicker and richer, making it pass for a meal on its own.


  1. Deviled eggs: A name which does no justice to the food. The beauty of the deviled eggs may cause you to admire the eggs than throw them under your teeth.


  1. Frittata: This is an exploration ground. Egg frittatas can come with potato, plantain, veggies, and so much more. Make a choice and get on with it.


  1. Eggnog: A rich meal you would not miss. Mixed with bourbon, brandy, vanilla extract, milk, and flour, it is a world to be explored.


  1. Breakfast Burrito: Bring something new to the table with the Breakfast Wrap. If you love moving your fingers in bowls, over knives and pots, then you will find making tortilla an added adventure.


  1. Egg salad: Easy and simple. Discover a new spread for your morning bread.


  1. Poached eggs: Have your eggs half-boiled without the shells and add a new color to your meal.

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