My First Experience With Fisherman Soup

When my friend Imaobong heard I was in Uyo, she said to me, “You can’t leave till you eat our Fisherman soup.”
So during my last day in Uyo just after exploring the Ibeno beach in Eket, she came and picked me up and we drove down to a restaurant in G-Line, Ewet Housing. Time was about 6.30pm.

Soon, the menu was brought to us. There was no need looking at it, I already knew what I came for. Imaobong on the other hand wanted something different so she ordered for chips and fried snail. So while we waited for our meal to be prepared, we told stories of our travel adventures, talked about spirituality, and a bit of finance as well.
Finally, the long awaited meal arrived. Ima had suggested I take it with garri instead of fufu. Though I really wanted to wash my hands and do it the way it should be done, I instead opted to do it the oyibo way with fork and knife.

Honestly, it was everything I had hoped for and more. The soup was garnished with catfish, snail, periwinkles and shrimps. It had lots of okra too though they were cut in big chunks. It was also mildly spiced which was great.

I had already tasted Afang soup thanks to my host, but the fisherman was a whole new level. It tickled my taste buds in amazing ways.

We left the restaurant around 8.45pm. It was an amazing evening.

Cost of meal: N3,000
My Rating: 7/10

Sincerely, thank you for reading.

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