5 profitable businesses to start at home

Lately, the number of people who wish to venture into being their bosses, is on the increase. Residual income has become desired by many if not all. The traditional nine-to-five job makes this a difficult task and almost impossible. Meanwhile, those who already report to themselves are on the quest to add another career to their portfolio. Home-based business offers much more and is available to all who can pay the price.

There are a lot of businesses that can be ventured into and require little or no office space. Listed are five businesses which are not only highly profitable but can be run on the bed with a cup of coffee.


  1. Wedding / Event Planner

Be up-to-date on every design trend (dress, color and decoration). Offer services to your clients that make them have to trust you. This could imply having your trusted crew of caterers, decorators, sound engineers, etc. Visit every possible shop that is necessary to helping you offer your services and compare prices and quality. Event planning also means being able to give your client the best event no matter how little his budget may be.


  1. Graphic Design

Graphic design has gone way beyond the print media. Websites and every online advert need graphic design services. Editorial creation, printing and mailing of final piece are unlimited. All you require is a laptop with internet connection and a glass of juice beside you.


  1. Website Developer

Every business needs a website/ blog. You will need to know the company you are developing the site for and know the colors that best suit their services. Many courses are offered online for web development. The ability to give the company a unique online identity is paramount.


  1. Day Care School

Do you love kids? Do you equally have kids and you spend most of the day catering for them? It will do you no harm to add a little number and get some cash. Dependent on your location, most working mothers would not mind having someone take care of their little ones while they get to concentrate at work. No extra rent for office space.


  1. Laundry Services

A larger number of people belong to the nine-to-five workforce, leaving them with little time to wash their dirty clothes. They are left with no option than to pile up these clothes for as long as five days. You could create enough space at the back of the house to accommodate the clothes. Upon finishing, you add some notes to your wallet. This business has the capacity to grow, thereby asking for a larger space.

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