4 things to never say to a lady

You could make the nicest girl become mean and turn your closest friend into your enemy with the wrong words and statements. Stay away from these statements if you never wish to lose that friendship. But feel free if you are only out for trouble.


Your financial strength

Seriously, anything about your job, car or expensive vacations can be boring. It sounds like you are trying to impress her and the message she gets is you want her to join you spend the cash. When she does your bidding, don’t call her a gold-digger.


“You are Fat”

I’m sure she has a mirror at home and she gets to see herself every day. She is aware of her size and does not need a reminder. It is offensive to a lady and it doesn’t go down well when they hear the words, especially when efforts are being made to work on the size.


Comparing her to other ladies

No lady wishes to be told that someone better is outside the door. Also, do not talk so much about other female friends or always bring them into every conversation. She may sense you have an eye for one of them. When such thoughts begin to develop in her head, you may be blowing coals of fire on your head without realizing it.


“My ex would have…”

Yea, right. Can you not take her to your past? If you miss your ex, go to her. Bringing your ex into every matter means you still think about your ex when she is there. Who would want that? She will walk away sooner than you can imagine.

Sincerely, thank you for reading.

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