5 daily healthy habits to cultivate

Habits are difficult to cultivate but when cultivated, they become hard to leave. The daily tedious and tight-scheduled jobs leave us with no option than to live an unhealthy lifestyle, and we struggle with health challenges every now and then. Below are five great healthy and simple habits to cultivate for a healthier life:

  1. Drink water in the morning, before having breakfast. The importance of this is that water purifies the colon, making the nutrients from the food to be easily absorbed. Water before breakfast almost helps to prevent constipation by stimulating the bowels. This is a very good way to start your day.


  1. Take at least one fruit a day. Fruits are known for their richness in vitamins (especially vitamin C), fiber and even water. Daily intake of fruits reduces the risks of many diseases ranging from cardiovascular disease to cancers. Despite the rough day, grab oranges that will last for about two days, and grab watermelon the next time. Pineapple and apples get their turns too.


  1. Drink lots of water during the day. Water can help reduce migraines. It keeps the body hydrated, creating the best condition for the vital organs to function. If you can’t find yourself getting up every now and then to reach the dispenser, set a bottle of water on your desk and sip from it time to time.


  1. Have a healthy breakfast. Breakfast has been said to be the most important meal of the day. The body is thrown into disarray earlier than expected in the day when breakfast is skipped. Breakfast gives the body the energy it requires for the day’s activities. It helps regulate blood pressure and reduces the risk of diabetes, obesity and heart disease. When skipped, the body is affected not only physically but also mentally.


  1. Take a shower before you retire for the night. A night shower is just as important as the morning shower. It regulates the body temperature, thereby improving sleep. A night shower also controls excessive sweating, leaving the body more comfortable. It contributes to a smooth night rest void of periodic interruptions due to itching and body discomfort.

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