5 Important Ingredients in a Relationship

Relationships (including marriages) break up as much as event halls get busy every weekend with wedding ceremonies. It gets worse when going into one without having a future for it. These are very important ingredients not to miss when going into a committed relationship

  1. TRUST

It’s bizarre when two partners who don’t trust each other claim to be in a relationship. That should be called a CONTRACT. The foundation of every relationship is very vital. A relationship void of trust is void of honesty. A relationship void of trust has a short lifespan. When there is trust, the couple becomes almost indestructible. Trust can never be taken away from a healthy relationship.



Love would have been most suitable but love encompasses much more. Affection demands a little act of fondness, kindness, care and attention. It gives weight to simple words. It is the desire to show your partner he or she is special. When this happens, your partner feels safe, loved and free.

Affection can be shown in many ways, even in little acts that may seem to be nothing. Little gifts can tell your partner- you are always on my mind, I think of you. Gifts must not be shared only on birthdays. Send him a message to celebrate your first kiss anniversary.



This entails more than living together. Compatibility in this context is defined as the state in which two or more things are able to exist or work together in combination without problems or conflict (Wiktionary).

Invariably, this may include careers, differences, intellectual compatibility, schools of thought and belief systems.

Where the individuals are incompatible, there may be little or nothing to talk and laugh about.



It is important to know that nobody is perfect. Everyone thinks, feels and acts differently in their own way. You may try to teach your partner a better way of doing things. It’s fine but don’t expect them to change overnight. Be patient with them.

When you expect them to change overnight, they may begin to act. This breeds dishonesty because the person no longer feels free to be himself or herself.



The strength of every relationship lies in its communication line. How you relate even in your time of disagreement is important. A perfect relationship is known in the times of argument, disagreements and misunderstandings.

It is needful to cover up the distance, not necessarily by physical presence but simple texts and calls.

In times of misunderstandings, it is wise to confront the issue and highlight the source of the problem. Together you resolve the issue and tender apologies. The ability to listen to your partner is a great skill in building your relationship. When ego is allowed to crawl in, a chasm may develop.

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