Would you go on a blind date?

Blind dates always come with uncertainty, excitement, thrill, and even dread. Recently, we asked some Facebook users their opinion, and these are their unedited thoughts.

Uchechi Uchenyi: I hate those kinda surprises. I don’t want to faint biko ? ?

Chioma Ezenwanne: Nope. Do you know how horrible it will be to feel “caged” if the situation turns out bad? The stress of thinking of how to escape and what led you there in the first place? And I might not be able to control my face for long. I feel it’s always best to know the person beforehand and then drive things.

Princess Tochi Ezeopara: No way! Because most of the time it doesn’t end well. Also, we might not like the person we meet. And guys tend to perceive the lady as desperate for a relationship.  It’s better for you to know the person you’re going out on a date with. And also its not advisable for the ladies because you don’t know the character of the man.  He might be a rapist, or a kidnapper.  Prevention is better than cure.

Titi Savage: Yes, for the fun of it, but have smart excuses ready (just in case).

Eric Bob Knight: No sir! It’s never been better than just the adventure. Just so much at stake. Well, adventure like I mentioned earlier is based on one’s mere fantasy. But, arranging a meet/date with an anonymous person would leave a lot of loop holes such as:

  • You not knowing if this persons appearance pleases you (looks, dress sense n body scent)
  • You are at loss what kind of conversation would be appropriate even with a short introduction between the both of you.
  • If you dont like this person you’d have to politely turn away n deal with the aftemath
  • If you this person doesn’t like you, you get to deal with such rejection.
  • You can’t predict the kind of person nor persons related to this person.
  • It’s unsafe to be left alone.. could be a stalker, rapist, or worse.
  • Mostly, blind dates are based on a lie!

Nnedimma Nkechi Ikeme: Yes. He had better be able to hold down a conversation.

Adaeze Zita Ifejilimalu: Yes, for the fun of it. Most friendships always start out blind. I love having great conversations and meeting new people and just hanging out. A blind date will ‘probably’ give me that. A  new chance to meet someone new, I’d love to try. If it doesn’t go well, it didn’t.

Golden Ijeoma Nwokocha: No. A date is a prearranged social meeting. If I don’t know you intellectually and physically, it’s a no. For romantic dates, if I am not attracted to you my dear, it’s a capital NO.

Nkiruka Mishael Onwueme: I don’t want to waste my time with an unintelligent man or kill someone’s self-esteem when I reject him at first sight.

Ezeaka Chukwuka Christian: No. Dating, I personally think should proceed friendship. The coming to know the the person, getting to know each other to some extend, then dating.

Chinedu Fred Olisakwe: Yes oh. Well, dates are not just for sex or getting dirty. Dates can also be to make friends. I, for one, would love to go on a blind date with a random lady because it would give me an opportunity to meet someone who reasons differently from my usual crowd; someone random from whom I may see things differently; someone random with whom I can have an open- minded, non-judgmental conversation; someone with whom I could build a lifetime relationship.

On the other hand, it’s like a risk; a blood rush; a crossed finger. You never know what to expect, so you just go with the best of hopes and either get them dashed or surpassed. If you could hook me up with one, I don’t mind oo…as long as she and I go dutch. #Wink

Nwabuike Eberechukwu: Yes, yes, yes. I totally agree from the basis of adventure and meeting people without specific prior expectations. Many a times when we go on dates with people we already know and we have a picture in our head already on how they will likely appear or act, for someone like me I already feel I know what they will say and what my reply will be.
On the other hand when you are on a blind date your expectations are usually vague and not in anyway specific. You are there preparing to meet someone whom you don’t know how he will appear, how his voice will sound, the kind of things or discussion he likes to engage in, what he looks like, you don’t even know what his personality is like. And then you get on to your meeting place and maybe you get there before him, and then you sit and wait, while waiting you turn your head to every cute guy that walks pass and wish it was him: that’s exactly the part I love the most. You continue turning and none of them is him, when you seem to have lost it and tried not to turn so much, someone touches you from behind with a baritone voice saying hi! You must be Ebere and then you turn your face up to meet his, oh wow! He looks better than what you think you deserve on a blind date, or sour, he looks not good enough for you.

Then the a lot starts playing in your mind and your head; if he is cute, you definitely want to keep up with him and you find yourself blushing over and over again through out the evening, on the other hand if he is not and can’t even keep up a conversation you just pray for the evening to end fast or you could even go ahead to end it yourself by pretending to be in a phone call and then lying about an emergency at home and off you go.

I love the feeling that comes with going on a blind date

Note: it’s an open date, I mean in an open place where others are and it definitely won’t lead to his house, after meeting I call my uber guy and go home exactly the way I came. So the issue of rape and harassment or other negative vices are not considered here.

Ezinne Ucheoma: Okkk. Well, it’s kinda refreshing seeing as it isn’t an everyday thing and the fact that the person could end up being the love of your life or an amazing friend. And also the expectations which could be above, average or below. The whole speculations, getting to really meet d person you’ve been talking to and chatting with on the phone. Seeing and talking to the person live is sooooo different from phone, you get to see the real person and no hiding and all that. And the whole trying to  impress the person thingy ?????. The risk also makes it all kinda fun. And it definitely adds spice to life. I  totally miss blind dates. Definitely been a while.


There’s no one way to meet the love of your life. A lot of people dread blind dates because they don’t know what to talk about, or even what to expect but you know what they say, ‘different strokes for different folks.’

So tell us, what’s your opinion? Would you go on a blind date?

Sincerely, thank you for reading.

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