Success tips for the aspiring entrepreneur (1)

“If you don’t design your life plan, chances are you will fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much!” – Jim Rohn

Most times we set out things to do/achieve but fail to follow through. With the increasing inability of the labor market to accommodate the number of graduates tertiary institutions spew out annually, the young minds create a path for themselves in the market.

More than often, the challenge is HOW. Young entrepreneurs barge into this question and believe it is the foundation of every successful body. Here are some steps to start from:

  • DECLARE! “The words you speak set the course for your future”- Joel Osteen. Words can uplift or destroy. They have the ability to inspire, energize and love another person but also have the ability to discourage and hate. Use your words into your favor. Repeat it every day. Make it your mantra. Say it with conviction. Believe in it. Surrender to it!


  • DREAM BIG! If it offends someone, so what?! Dream bigger. Learn how to dream. Never let your circumstances or other people steal your dreams from you. Sadly, most of those “other people” are actually the people you love. So always dream big and be unrealistic about your dream. Yes, be unrealistic! Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity. Do not ask ‘How will it be done?’ but ‘Why should it be done?’, then the What and How come next.


  • ACTION PLAN. Write down your personal declaration. Print it out to carry with you wherever you go so that you are reminded that wherever you go, your intention is on its way to you. Have faith. What tools do you require to set up and reach your desired market? Who are your competitors? This ranges from online presence (website) to branding.


  • SKILL DEVELOPMENT. Learn the skills necessary for your business. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, it is not enough that you are motivated. While motivation is vital for success to happen, it is still important to learn the right skills in order to get to get to your desired outcome quickly. As the philosopher Jim Rohn said, “Motivation alone is not enough. If you have an idiot and you motivate him, you now have a motivated idiot”.

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