Epic moments from Game of Thrones season 7 episode 4!

Some lovely moments cannot be neglected. The act of blood, dragon, fire and power-thirst is more fun than anticipated.

Here are some epic moments:

Arya Stark and Lady Brienne

After her discipleship training under the ‘god of many faces’, Arya is best known for getting what she wants. But Lady Brienne underestimated ‘Needle’ and she who wields her. Arya is heard promising the Lady not to scratch her after the Lady suggested ‘Needle’ was too small to take on her mighty sword. With her right hand to her back, sword in her left hand, Arya doubts the strength of Sansa’s guards.

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen

The Mother of Dragons may torment the Lord of the North to bend a knee, now she has realized that the dragonstone dwells with her. While some fans seem to see a connection between both, some others feel they share the same blood.

The Dragon’s Fire

Finally, the Dragon strikes! The House of Lannister may be in a deep state of shock. That attack was so soon and unexpected! Cersei Lannister will never receive her gold and what happens to the Iron Bank who pledged its support after the gold arrives?

Arya Stark and Little Finger

It is no doubt that Little Finger has got his own agenda staying amongst the Starks. Speaking of his love for Sansa, he has lingered around with the excuse of taking care of the kids of the woman he truly loved. Arya’s hatred for him is noticeable and like every other person, she wonders why he is in the Starks’ camp. We hope she does not add him to HER LIST.

The Starks’ Reunion

Having their different ordeals, it was glorious to see the Starks reunite. We expect to see Jon Snow join to make the picture complete.

The more the armies kill, the more they build an army of the White Walkers.

Who becomes the King of the Seven Kingdoms?

Could Jon Snow possibly be the son of the Mad King?

Is Jon Snow the brother of Daenerys Targaryen?

Will Jon Snow bend a knee?

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