If Samson and Delilah were Africans

I know they say love is blind, but the kind of love blindness that afflicted bro Samson was imported from Mars, eziokwu m niile.
Bae told you to tell her the secret of your power so that she’d kill you, and you were busy thinking you people were playing ‘Truth and Dare’.
Delilah in modern times be like, “Boo?”
Samson would flip his hair while singing Willow Smith’s I Whip My Hair Back And Forth in his heart, then he’d use his bass voice and said, “Yes, Deli baby.”
“Do you love me?” Deli will ask. She’d use her polished nails to trace the line between Sam’s hairy chest, sending chills down his spine.
Sam would immediately remember Runtown’s song, so he’d replied, “Of course nah… Your love dey sweet pass shitor.” He’d whip his hair again and continue, “Baby girl I say, I say, your body na killer oh.”
Delilah will laugh. They call that kind of laugh, ‘Ochi eze’.
“So,” She’d continue, “You even know my body na killer, but why didn’t you allow me kill you last night eh? Shebi you told me to tie rope around you. And I went and brought German-made. I made sure it wasn’t China made oh so the rope will not spoil my parole. You know you just like to show off anyhow. That was how you used that animal jaw to kill 1000 men just like that. Mtchewww!!! Anyways, after taking my time to tie you with that rope, you still did not allow my destiny to shine.
Delilah will now start crying coded cry. That type of cry you do with serious care so you don’t spoil your makeup.

And that was how bro Sam decided that something must kill a man. He must die, he’d rather die on the lucious melanin black-dont-crack laps of Deli baby.

He did not know Deli had other plans. Deli be like, ‘Is it by to carry city gate and be showing off upandan, you must grind corn. Nonsense and city gate!’
And that was how they removed the eye he used to see Delilah and then turned bro Sam into a standup comedian, and corn grinder.
Mercy finally helped him avenge himself one last, but that meant he’d have to die with his enemies include his ex, Deli baby (talk about Romeo and Juliet).
But many people don’t get the chance to climb out of that very big hole they entered because they were busy chasing one tiny hole.
I pray for you my dear brother, may you never encounter a Delilah!

Be shouting amen upandan, if you like don’t be in a godly relationship, be looking for person wey the body na killer. Even doing ‘Dear Joro’ will not help you.
Sense fall on you!

Sincerely, thank you for reading.

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