5 things to never say to a man


There are things a guy loves to hear but some wrongly uttered words can leave him cold and bitter. Guys are cool to mingle with and they accommodate a lot of jokes. They are easy-going and though they do not take things to heart, a few lines can ruin the moment, especially lines that make them feel less like a man.

Here are a few lines you should cautious about letting out:


  1. “My ex liked…”

The worst thing a girl can do, especially around a guy who likes her a lot, is to talk about her ex each time. It will simply push the guy away, giving him the impression that you still have a thing for your ex. And who wants to plant a seed among thorns?


  1. “You are not man enough”

This is stepping on a man’s ego and no man loves to see his ego stepped on. Women love to use this line especially when the man doesn’t react to a situation in a fierce manner like they would expect. Just because he chooses not to exhibit strength or power does not imply he is not a man. This line can cause you to be at the receiving end of his blows and slaps. Then you will realize he is man enough.


  1. Your friend is so charming

He knows. Unless you have other motives or you want him to know you are admiring his friend. Well, bad news is that he will not change his friends but he can easily change you, when he is done eating all his investments. So, save the compliment.


  1. His Size

This is a no-go area. He knows he is small and may have possibly compared himself to other guys. Saying it is just hurting his feelings. Also, never talk down on his performance on the bed. This is one place they exert their manly duties and their pride lies in their ability to satisfy a lady till she screams. So even if he doesn’t do well to your satisfaction, DO NOT put it to his face. It will make him feel less of a man.


  1. Comparing him to his friend who is doing well financially

He is certainly not oblivious of the fact that his friend earns more than he does. Comparing him to his friend is a scratch on his ego as a man. If you are not going to support him, then let him eat his meager salary alone and in peace.

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