Obudu is located in northern River and its most popular as the location of the number one tourist attraction in the country – Obudu Mountain Resort. Obudu itself has some very interesting things to do there apart from visiting the Ranch. It has lots of forest reserves fully loaded with rare and exotic animals. It is also home to lots of pottery works, numerous waterfalls and lots and lots of rocks and mountainous terrains.

Obudu Mountain Resort is located at Obanliku LGA, a one hour drive from Obudu town.


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Here are our Five Favourite things to do in Obudu Mountain Resort:


  1. Enjoy The Cable Car

The cable car at Obudu is arguably the longest cable car in Africa as it covers the width of the entire resort. Once you get the resort, the 11km drive from the bottom of the hill to the top usually takes 20-25mins, but using the cable car would get you there in less than 10mins. More exciting however is that the cable car gives you an eagle eyes view of the entire resort, its beautiful landscapes and waterfalls, and its magnificent mountains and forests. It’s a must ride for any tourist visiting Obudu Mountain Resort. The last time we did visit, the cable car wasn’t functioning, however, the management assured us that they were working hard to get it back to full capacity as soon as possible


  1. Walk the Canopy Walkway

The canopy walk way is found at the forest reserve at the resort. It’s a 100m bridge suspending 70m above the bottom of the reserve. You may want to hold on tightly to the hand-rest of the canopy because it sways from left to right. But don’t worry, it’s very strong. The canopy offers you a good view of the forest and its animals. If you’re lucky enough, you may spot a monkey or two.


  1. Enjoy a game of golf and other outdoor sports

For our sports lovers, Obudu mountain resort has you covered. The Resort has a 9-hole golf course for lovers of the game. It also has lots of space for other outdoor games such as football and volleyball.


  1. Visit The Waterfall.

This is one of the major attractions of Obudu Mountain Resort. However, be ready to undertake the journey. it’s a 6 hour journey by foot to the mountain and back. So you must prepare your mind and be ready to enjoy the thrill.

  1. Go hiking/sightseeing

Obudu is so beautiful that even without the facilities, one would still have a great time. It has lots of mountains, hills and rocks. So if hiking is your thing, then you’re covered.

During our visit to the resort, we were offered a binoculars to look around, and the reason wasn’t far-fetched. The resort has about 250 species of birds and lots of exotic animals.



So yes, this is our top 5 things to do. However, Obudu offers much more than what we have listed. With over 5 restaurants, you are sure your food is being taken care of. There are gyming facilities, pools for enjoying the warmth of the water

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