Women: The Gender War

Just like the two poles of a magnet, the female folks seem to be ‘like’ poles which repel when they meet. It is a different case with the male folks where they attract like ‘unlike’ poles. Envy, jealousy, anger, resentment are feelings you can find deeply rooted in the heart of one woman against her fellow. Don’t get me wrong, they exist and sometimes one can’t help it but if you want, you control it. Let’s take it one step at a time.

Four friends are always seen seated together and talking in their native language. One is married, the second is just a girlfriend to the man she lives with, the third is a student and a girlfriend to the man she visits frequently, while the third has gone as far as traditional rites in the marriage process. The white wedding must have taken longer than expected. They are always laughing and chatting, and share their foods. On a certain day, two of them are found alone, talking about the lady whose wedding plan has lingered for a long while. It was in a tone of mockery. The next day, the topic of discussion was the student who was termed irresponsible and foolish.

With the social media gaining power in making everyone appear to be living comfortably, you will agree with me that it is more of a competition site than the friendly platform, especially among the ladies. Pictures are taken with great care so as to gain more ‘traffic’ than the other person’s picture. It is sad to find ladies laugh when they find out the fellow who looks good on social media is not as comfortable as they appear. It is a good topic when they meet with mutual friends.

On a lighter note, if there abides a love for a fellow, there will be no high rate in failed marriages due to cheating partners. If we could respect each other’s heart and protect one another, we could save homes and put smiles on many faces. If we can encourage one another, be happy at another’s success and not wish they remained at our level, we will feel much lighter and at peace within. If we can help those trying to come up, it will be hope to many looking up to her; and not sit so high to exercise power over them.

If this war we fight in our hearts is channeled into helping one another, we will find that we hold power to great things.

Sincerely, thank you for reading.

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