Cartoons we may never see again!

I steal a time to sit with the kids and watch cartoon but I hardly sit for five minutes before I begin to lose interest. I am tempted to say they missed a lot of cool and educating cartoon series. Apart from the very few which are still aired, like Tom&Jerry, PowerPuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, Scooby Doo, I still hunger for a taste of what we used to have back then. I trust my siblings to give me a longer list but you can drop them if you remember outside the list. Those songs slowly fade but we do not let go of all.

Who else remembers any from the list below?


Sheep in the big city

Running away from being captured and used by the military for a sheep-powered gun, Sheep finds itself in the big city but is not totally safe as the chase continues. General Specific (leader of the secret military organization) remains Sheep’s biggest threat to life and freedom. Now, capturing a sheep becomes a difficult task for the military. Last aired in 2002, we still hunger for it.


The Jetsons

This is one family I enjoyed. The technology and architecture of the city leaves the mind to ponder over making it a reality. The robots, aliens and crazy inventions are just what we need to raise scientists and engineers. You think you know technology, meet George Jetson whose aerocar folds up into his briefcase at the push of a button. That means I can carry a private jet with me… everywhere I go!


Dumb Bunnies

Meet a dumb family of bunnies that seem to be programmed in a reverse order. Who is the dumbest person ever? The Dumb Bunnies Family! Who sleeps under the bed? Who puts the flower in an upside down state into a vase? They go to the beach when it is raining and go home when the sun starts to shine. Their dumbness is alarming and funny. Remember the Dumb Bunnies when you wish to be dumb.


The Flintstones

The Stone Age is modernized around them. Having a car made of stone and wood but powered by the passengers’ feet, and dinosaurs co-existing with cavemen. Remember, “When you’re with the Flintstones, have a ya-ba da-ba doom time, a ya-ba doom time…”



Hey hey, are you ready to play? It’s time to come and play with the Tweenies. Hey hey, what do you say, come along and play with the Tweenies… I’m Bella, I am Milo, I’m Fizz, and I am Jack. I’m Doodles, I’m Max, and I am Judy” and then we decide what to do next by spinning the Tweenie clock. “Tweenie clock, where will it stop?” And the clock had options like song, story, painting and other times. Bella and Milo are a perfect match for their trouble nature while Fizz and Jack are the peaceful ones. We were always on the lookout for Tweenies after the favorite Teletubbies show.



Tommy, Chuckie, twins Phil and Lil, and Angelica live normal lives but consider them adventures in their imaginations. While the adults (always distracted mothers) are unaware of their ‘adventures’, Angelica appears more learned and exposed. She is most times seen as the head of the team and can also be a bully. The toddlers let their imaginations get a better part of them and their toys begin to look like living monsters.


Courage, The Cowardly Dog

What a contrast! I’m sure the name is a step of faith for the little dog. Living with Muriel and Eustace, the trio are known to be regular host to regular demons, monsters, aliens and even zombies. Courage is most times the only one not being possessed by a demon and must save his master and mistress. Loved by Muriel, Courage never seems to be accepted by the cruel, grumpy man who can go a distance to get rid of him. You know the fun here; Courage sees danger coming and tries to pass the message across but ends up speaking gibberish. In a bid to describe the danger figure, he tries to take its shape.


Xena, the Warrior Princess

I know her best for her boomerang which never disappoints at any time. Xena takes up the fight of the defenseless and saves the day. The beautiful warrior graces the screen and we laugh at the men who think they can beat her.


Ghost Busters

There’s something strange in the neighborhood. We will call…Ghostbusters!”  The ghosts always get busted! But my fear always remains that someday the containment unit may contain the ghosts no more and they will all break free. And the city is forever haunted! Ever thought of that?


Which one is left out?

Sincerely, thank you for reading.

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