Success tips for the aspiring entrepreneur (2)

“The poorest man on earth is not the man who does not have money; it is the one who has no dreams”

To venture into a lucrative and profitable business with a future, the mindset should be put in place before the business setup begins. Personal development and leadership training becomes vital for an individual posed with the task of making his/her dreams a reality. Most startup businesses crash sooner than they even begin because the right mindset is out of place.

The following points should be taken into consideration and well handled in the building of a business.

  • WHY? This should be the first question asked after a business idea is birthed. Every business is built to solve one human need or another. Your business idea should be birthed out of a genuine desire to help others or solve a human need.

“Only a deep WHY can survive a hard HOW”


  • The first to remember is that people do not come for your services, they come for YOU! Character becomes a quality of utmost importance and relationship building not to be neglected. If you want to attract people to come for your services, be an attractive person and a reliable person. Make constant communication with your consumers. Build friendships and relationships.

Always be enthusiastic about your services/products. Capitalize on the need you solve when you talk about your services. You get your results depending on how you treat it.


  • If you want to succeed, you have to serve. People do not care how much you know, they want to know how much you care. To give real service, you have to add something that cannot be bought or measured by money to your services – LOVE. Sometimes you may lack the size or be bad in strength but if you have a great spirit, this could compensate for the lack of the other two.

Stop thinking too much of the money and start thinking of serving a million people.


  • GOOD HABITS. Habits start in the mind. Before a habit of doing, there is a habit of thinking. Change the bad thoughts that create the bad habits. One of the bad thoughts is when you automatically assume that results would happen fast and quick when you do something. It could be possible but take steps and view them as steps for better service.

Be patient, take the long view.

Focus on the small steps and enjoy it. Each step is a wonderful event in itself, not just a chore to reach your long-term goal.

Focus on starting every day.

Learn to watch over your ego or negative thoughts. Your mind will find its way to get out of discomfort by telling you that what you are doing will not work.

Increase gradually.

Enjoy each step.

Sincerely, thank you for reading.

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