3 errors to avoid on your wedding day

For the ladies, the wedding day is not just a day to NOT care about how you look. In the quest to be declared the “fairest of all ladies” in the hall, we get a lot of things wrong. Paying attention to these basic/primary tags, we may be able to correct some of the horrendous mistakes we make.


Most errors begin at this stage. The wedding dress does a greater percentage of the magic on the bride than any other factor. It is important to put some factors into consideration when choosing a wedding dress. The most important of all is Size.

A plus-sized bride need not look too heavy for her man. Intense body exercise is recommended and should be embarked on three months before the main day if possible. In order to manage the size, a fitted long-sleeve dress helps. It could be an off-shoulder with a laced sleeve. Fabulous becomes the word!

The beautiful slim ladies need not look like the husband would be resting on a hard cover notebook if he decides to lean on his wife. The ball gown has never failed us in this case. We become glamorous in it!

For the middle-class ladies, not so slim not so fat and with the curves, I recommend a fitted gown with knee flare. You need no soothsayer to say you are elegant!


This is the second vital point after the wedding dress. The major error in wedding makeup is too much of it. Being the bride’s special day doesn’t imply that the bride has to look like her village beautified masquerade.

Use the right shade of powder lest your face becomes a distant cousin of the rest of your body. Use a light shade of lipstick. It must not be thick red. The idea is to beautify you, not to change your identity. Most importantly, use subtle colors from your eyeshadow palettes. Mild makeup is the best. The bride looks effortlessly beautiful with it. With a matching hairdo, the groom can’t help but affirm he took the right step and falls in love all over again.



This becomes another area of great concern. It is quite understandable to be robed in white but becomes scary when the accessories which are unnecessary are included.

Let’s understand how it works. Did you know that necklaces can be taken off the picture and you still look fabulous?

Dropping earrings are loved more and they may seem to fit every hairdo. With dropping earrings, the neck does not require another piece.

Let’s have hair clips and pins do the magic to the hair. Not all hair styles can accommodate tiaras. If you must wear a tiara, not with a covering!



This is my opinion, so what’s yours?

Sincerely, thank you for reading.

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