dare your dreams and become what you’ve always wanted to be. Our purpose is to inspire a world of dream achievers through passion and action. We transform lives in 30 days. 

What’s your target? Read a book, start a business, learn a skill?

Commit 30 days to work on it daily with mentorship. No excuses.

D(oers) A(chieve) R(esults) E(ventually) – DARE.

Just a little push

4 years, DARE began its mission to change lives. With participation from across four continents – Europe, North America, Asia and of course our darling Africa, we have helped scores of people move from mere dreamers to dream achievers in JUST 30 DAYS!

Dare Challenge Campaign is all about putting your passion into action. So whatever you’ve always wanted to do – it could be to start passion project, work on a business idea, write a book, volunteer, learn a skill, or even to form a stronger bond with someone… In 30 Days, you DARE to achieve it.

Guaranteed to succeed...

If you COMMIT and follow through DAILY, you will achieve your desired result. We have provided help for you along the way. It’s not going to be a lonely journey. As long as you stay through for the 30-day duration, you will succeed.

We don’t leave you hanging. We have mentors to help hold your hands during the challenge

Meet other participants across the world with like passion and mind.

We provide resources – books, workbooks, tips, podcasts, etc. for you during the challenge.

impossible dreams

Impossible Dreams is a book that shows you how to achieve anything you desire in 30 days. This is also the official DARE Challenge Handbook.

Get Involved

Do you want to do more than just participate? Do you share our mission of helping the world be happier and more fulfilled, and you want to volunteer virtually? We have a few openings available.

Everything you need to know about DARE Challenge Campaign

Find out how to volunteer, donate, host an event, and/or become a partner or sponsor.

Got questions? You can reach us anytime. We respond as soon as we can.

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DARE Challenge is a global campaign to help millions of people around the world with dreams and goals become achievers in just 30 days.

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